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NFP Classes And Teachers

Instruction is key to using NFP effectively and confidently!

Learn how to use NFP from a local certified teacher who is also Catholic. Many offer instruction via the internet, as well as on-site.  For a description of the different NFP methods, go to Methods.

Billings teaches the observation of one of the main signals of fertility – cervical mucus, and four simple rules which are applicable for women in all circumstances. Online and in person instruction available.

Cincinnati Region:

The sympto-thermal method taught by Couple to Couple is based on three key signs of fertility: cervical mucus, basal body temperature and changes in the cervix. CCL’s main class series is offered live online or self-paced online. Course cost is $150 (including materials). English/Español. Registration and Online classes

Cincinnati Region:

Mason/ Dayton Region:

Region North of Dayton:

FertilityCare is a standardized method taught by trained allied health professionals. This model is often chosen by women with known gynecological or infertility issues.

Sidney/Dayton, OH:

Cincinnati Area :

The Marquette Method uses two main indicators to determine fertility: cervical mucus observations and urinary hormone measurements. One or both signs are tracked based on user preference and then combined with a simple protocol to determine the fertile window.

NFP International is unique in teaching Ecological Breastfeeding. NFPI teaches a covenant theology about the marriage act conveying Catholic moral teaching. Fertility signs are taught with rules for avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

CCNFP offers free consultations for Catholic married couples, who are referred to a recognized NFP teaching method organization. CCNFP pays for all consulting, online programs and materials that the NFP teachers use. The couple pays no fees. Married couples or those living with children are eligible; only one spouse needs to be Catholic.

Teaches couples ways to use the fertility markers separately, or in various combinations, to suit their desired efficacy and planning needs. BCC uses:  Basal Body Temperature (oral or with wearable Tempdrop device), hormone monitoring using the Clearblue Fertility, cervical Fluid (with optional cervical checks), and personal chart history.

FEMM is an educational and preventative approach to healthcare for women. Women learn to identify their hormonal biomarkers as signs of health and fertility. This model of NFP is not faith-based but is consistent with Catholic teaching.

The Family of the Americas Ovulation Method is a method of Natural Family Planning based on the cervical secretion that appears regularly during a woman’s reproductive years and is a natural sign of fertility.

SymptoPro is a sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness-based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix. Online Course ($125) features self-paced instruction with instructor feedback.