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Gabrielle Bouscaren Continuing Religious Education Grant

These grants will be awarded to current or potential catechetical leaders or teachers in the Archdiocese who are taking religious education courses toward certification or on-going formation. Those seeking catechetical leader certification for parish ministry or Catholic school teachers are invited to apply.

The grant will support courses that have a catechetical dimension, including religious education, theology, pastoral ministry, and youth ministry, and can be for undergraduate, graduate or lay pastoral ministry degrees. The grant will be awarded for courses the recipient plans to take, not ones currently or previously taken and are payable directly to the institution indicated on the application form.

Grants will be decided on 3 criteria:

  • His or her professional goal
  • Specific plan for the grant
  • Financial need

To apply, please fill out this FORM. There are 2 deadlines each year: April 1 and November 1. Grants will not exceed $1000 per applicant per calendar year.

Missionary Option Grant

This grant supports innovative, bold, creative, mission-focused parish initiatives. Grants up to $1,000 will be awarded to parishes that meet the requirements. The program or initiative must be sponsored by an Archdiocese of Cincinnati parish, school or religious institution, and it must have clear evangelization and catechetical dimension.

See below for details and click here for the applicationThere are 2 application deadlines each year: April 1 and November 1.

Grant Details

  • Grants of up to $1000 will be awarded to parishes that meet the requirements.
  • There will be two application deadlines a year. November 1 and April 1. 
  • Grant recipients will be notified by December 1 or May 1.
  • The grants are payable to the institution offering the program or initiative.

Grant Requirements

  • The Program or Initiative must be sponsored by an Archdiocese of Cincinnati Parish, School, or Religious Institution.
  • The Program or Initiative must have a clear evangelization dimension and a clear catechetical dimension.
  • Grant monies must be used directly for the implementation of the program or initiative, not for staff or ancillary costs.
  • Applications will obtain a letter of recommendation or statement of support from the Pastor if the Pastor is not the applicant.

NFP Teacher Training Scholarship

Any individual who will be undergoing training to become a certified instructor of an approved Natural Family Planning method may apply for this grant. Amounts are awarded based on need, up to $500. For a list of approved methods, see the NFP National Providers on the USCCB website: https://www.usccb.org/topics/natural-family-planning/nfp-national-providers. For more information on this grant, please contact David Ulmer at dulmer@catholicaoc.org.

Young Adult Apostolate Support

This grant is available to all who are creating apostolates that are run by or that directly serve young adults. The intent of the grant is to encourage and inspire young people to live out the unrepeatable call that has been placed in their hearts. Individuals seeking this grant should fill out this application form. There are two application deadlines each year: April 1 and November 1.  Please email Paco Patag, Associate Director of Young Adult Evangelization at ppatag@catholicaoc.org if you have any questions.