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Marriage & Family

Mission of Marriage and Family

Our Purpose

We support parishes in their mission to draw families into communion with Christ within the marriage catechumenate.

How we Serve

We offer formation and coaching to parish leaders on the implementation of the Marriage Catechumenate (see our Resources page for information). We also host retreats in English and Spanish for engaged couples called Genesis: Pre-Cana Retreat and our newly renamed version, This One at Last: Pre-Cana Retreat (formerly Genesis II), and we support a growing network of Natural Family Planning ambassadors and instructors. We lead and co-host various events to celebrate and strengthen marriage and family life, including the annual Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Masses, the St. Gerard Mass of Hope for the Blessing of Children, and The Gift of Fertility for parents to attend with their middle-school-age children.


2024 Marriage & Family Events Calendar

Date & Time

Event Name

Safe Haven Sunday

A Pastoral Response to Pornography
Weekend of August 11, 2024