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Individualized Parish Training

1. Consult, Accompany & Mentor Evangelists

We seek to equip ministers for the tasks of evangelization so they feel confident, are able to equip a team to work with them, and ultimately for the salvation of souls of those entrusted to their care.

We do this through:

  • Parish Consulting in efforts of Evangelization for youth, adult, and/or families.  This includes a listening session, goal setting, initial observation, strategic planning, and ongoing support and observations as needed/requested
  • Youth Evangelization Apprenticeship (beginning Fall 2021, open to any new Parish Evangelists)
  • One-on-one mentoring and accompaniment of evangelists

2. Create opportunities for Communion for Mission & Mission for Communion.  Sharing life, prayer, and formation for the mission of parish evangelization. 

We seek to provide opportunities for sharing life, sharing prayer, and sharing formation and training for the shared mission of parish evangelization efforts.  The need to encounter Jesus Christ, to grow as a community, and to open space for the Holy Spirit to renew parish evangelization structures.

We do this through:

  • Missio Days: quarterly regional gatherings that look to offer opportunities of Mission for Communion.  Breaking open specific topics or areas of concern in evangelization and offering concrete resources and skills.
  • Communio Groups: Smaller, more intentional groups that look to share life and prayer with evangelists near one another, emphasizing Communion for Mission.
  • Retreats (New Fire for new evangelists; Reignite for veteran evangelists; Advent & Lent)
  • Conferences & Continuing Education (Radiate Christ, Northern Congress; encouraging national conference participation such as Bosco Conference & Catholic Youth Ministry; Steubenville’s Catechetical Institute)

3. Support our Evangelists through hospitality, encouragement, and recognition.

It is a call and charism of the Christian life, and crucial to supporting our evangelists and preventing burnout.

We do this through:

  • Annual Recognition & Appreciation Banquets (coming Feb 2022!)
  • Taking a great concern to our Hospitality and Environment at all events so that Evangelists feel taken care of, loved, and supported.