Evangelization & Discipleship

Group Study Introduction

Your team is invited to complete a 6-week small group study centered around prayer, conversation, and video content that will facilitate personal and group discovery, as well as application of the Diagram to parish renewal.

You can complete the entire Group Study online, through this website.

For the best experience, print the Leader Guide and the Participant Guide and use this website to just watch the videos. This will allow you, after you’ve finished the video for each session, to put away your phone or leave your meeting room (e.g., to find a quiet place for Personal Verification or to go on an Emmaus Walk) and still have the questions for reflection and discussion.

Who is this for?

A pastor and his staff

A Director of Evangelization and the Evangelization Team

A ministry leader and a team of key volunteers

E.g., an Assoc. Director for Youth Evangelization and her team of volunteer catechists and facilitators; an Assoc. Director for Adult Evangelization and his RCIA team, or his small group leaders.

Evangelize Better

Gain a deeper understanding of the Process of Evangelization and Discipleship Diagram, and its application to your ministry.

Gain New Insights

Grow in personal relationship with Jesus by understanding your own journey within this context.

Build Relationships

Grow in relationship and communion with your team or small group by sharing your experiences, learning from one another, and praying together.