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The Deep

Session 5

The Deep

An Introduction to the Process


Opening Prayer

20 – 30 minutes

Pray Lectio Divina with Luke 24: 13-35.



5 minutes

Share any thoughts you’ve had since the last small group pertaining to the Process of Evangelization & Discipleship and discussion last time, etc. (Skip this step for your first session. Perhaps use this as a time for introductions if people don’t know one another.)



6 – 10 minutes


Personal Reflection

10 – 15 minutes

Reflect, journal, and pray through the following personal verification questions.

At what moment do you feel that your faith journey began?

Who is someone that has accompanied you along your journey of faith? What was that relationship like? How did they help you? What did accompaniment look like?

Who is someone you are accompanying?


Small Group Discussion

20 – 30 minutes

What images in the video connect with someone on a spiritual journey?

How might your own journey of faith be represented if you think about the hiking metaphor?

What does it mean to you that “Evangelization happens at the pace of relationship”? What does that look like?

“Life with Christ is the greatest adventure.” Do you feel that this speaks true to your own life, why or why not? Do you think this is the feeling most of the people we serve? What is their experience?

What experience or knowledge do you have about the Process of Evangelization & Discipleship?

How might a better understanding of the Process of Evangelization & Discipleship help you with your ministry? Help with Beacons of Light and the Evangelization Pathway?


Emmaus Walk

15 – 20 minutes

Pair off (no bigger than a group of 3). Share from your personal reflection, any thoughts from small group discussion, and pray with one another.


Practical Application

5 – 10 minutes

Are there any particular conclusions you all have come to from prayer and discussion today?

Is there anything you feel called to start putting into practice, either in your personal life or as a parish staff/team? If so, what and how will you go about beginning it? Who will hold you accountable?


Closing Prayer

2 minutes

Suggestion – Beacons of Light Prayer.