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Mary Alice Ordonez

Mary Alice Ordonez
Email mordonez@catholicaoc.org

Mary Alice Ordonez

Hispanic Evangelization, Dayton/North

Contact Me For:

  • If you need support with the coordination of evangelization and religious instruction in Spanish in Dayton and the northern area.
  • If you have concerns in the Hispanic community with their personal, familiar or spiritual needs
  • Information on programs that will provide knowledge and skills necessary for the Hispanic immigrant

Bio: I support the coordination of evangelization and religious instruction in Spanish (including mass celebration) for Dayton and the northern part of the Archdiocese. I provide outreach for the growing Latino community in the northernmost boundaries of the Archdiocese, particularly helping to maintain a Church presence in the migrant camps, and I work with government entities to encourage justice for immigrants. Working for the Church and with the Hispanic community reaffirms my Catholic faith every day.

A Little About Me: I enjoy reading, watching football soccer games and traveling.  I have enjoyed traveling with the delegation from the Archdiocese Mission Office on their “twinning” trips to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and El Salvador. I also love to spend my free time with my grandson, teaching him Spanish.

Favorite Saint: St. Francis of Assisi

Favorite Bible verse: “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner; remember that you were foreigners in Egypt.” Ex 23:21